The World is a Maze

In this world where confusion abounds due to over-information, it is hard for people to know exactly what they want in relation to their true needs. This is particularly true when doing a project. Many people regret that they have made wrong decisions before and during the implementation of their project.

About Us

At R.G.CHAN & ASSOCIATES (RGC&A), we believe that the key to real Architectural and Engineering (A&E) services is good insight. Insight to what the client is saying (verbally and non-verbally) and his true needs. Extensive field practice and experience helps us guarantee that we are able to come up with designs which fit our clients. The need of matching requirements with amenities, intended purpose with use—all require critical expertise. Creativity, skillfully coupled with insight. This indispensable combination guarantees good and genuine A&E; and this is exactly what we offer our esteemed clients. At RGC&A... WE FIT THE PIECES TOGETHER. 

About Us

At RGC&A, we believe that the key to expert professional services is keen insight... to what the client is saying (verbally and non-verbally) and his true needs.

Extensive field practice and experience helps us guarantee that we are able to come up with designs which properly respond to our clients. The need of matching requirements with amenities, intended purpose with use—all require critical expertise.

Creativity, skillfully coupled with insight.This indispensable combination guarantees PROFESSIONAL ACUMEN, which is exactly what we offer our esteemed clients.  

To be recognized as the exponent of PROFESSIONAL ACUMEN.

To be among the best is the mission of this firm: best in client satisfaction, best in design as a specialization, and best in performance.  

CLIENT SATISFACTION. Client satisfaction is defined by the number of repeat clients; that is, clients for whom we continue to work for on a project-to-project basis. Our almost 100% repeat-client base is a result of our client-first attitude expressed by members of our staff. 

DESIGN AS A SPECIALIZATION. Established as a firm which does not engage in construction implementation, clients are assured that no conflict-of-interest results in our concentrated delivery of expert-design services. Since we are focused on the design-agenda (devoid of construction "static") we are able to fully address the verbalized and un-verbalized needs of our clients. 

PERFORMANCE. The use of cutting-edge systems and methodologies assures us that members of the staff continually deploy the right tools on the right jobs. Cognizant of the need to continually reconcile with the certainty that the only constant is change, the firm continually deploys the latest tools available. The use of the most recent version of MasterFormat and the National CAD Standard, together with RediCheck are among the tools integrated into our systems-methodology. The firm is currently transitioning to the full deployment of Building Information Modeling (BIM) as its main tool for design and production drawings.

The following are the values that we share:

  1. We serve with care.
  2. Honesty and professionalism are fundamental to each of us.
  3. Quality is our main work criterion.
  4. Teamwork is the way we work.
  5. The perception of our clients is a reality to us.
  6. Through generalized training and experience, we as individuals choose to become specialists.
  7. We have fun.
  8. We reward performance and correct non-performance.
  9. All that we do with and to the environment must contribute to its maintenance and improvement.
  10. We support individuals and their families in their responsibility to achieve their fullest potential in a way that does not disable others.

GENERAL. We believe that each of our RGC&A personnel must understand what the firm stands for. These ideas represent the collective thoughts of our principal, associates and team members.

BUSINESS. RGC&A is a professional services firm focusing on architectural and engineering design as its core business, while expanding into related allied services. 

FIRM ETHICS. We must be profitable, but we desire to make a profit by undertaking projects that are challenging and which contribute to the safety, health, and well-being of the public. The quality and integrity of our work is of overriding importance to us. We strive for technical excellence and innovative solutions. 

Our clients are critical to our success, and our aim is for clients to receive full value for our services. We strive to be a good professional outfit in the communities where we work. 

PERSONNEL PHILOSOPHY. We strive to recruit, develop, and retain outstanding people in our profession. We provide them with challenging assignments, a stable environment, and career opportunities, and we reward them with financial incentives as appropriate. We endeavor to maximize the strengths of our personnel so that each is productive to the optimum extent of his or her abilities. 

MANAGEMENT PHILOSOPHY. Our management philosophy is based on participative decision-making and is supported by open, frequent, and non-hierarchical communications on all aspects of the firm's and the individual's performance. 

We encourage informed decision-making at all levels in the organization,and we support individual market development initiatives and research interests at any level, provided that these are aimed at improving the firm's long-term competitive position in markets we have identified as being of interest. 

We promote leadership among our team and we grant authority and responsibility to individuals and teams of individuals to achieve the goals of the firm.  

We are constantly asked why RGC&A has chosen Design As Our Specialization. Can we not also do the construction of our projects? Construction is even potentially more lucrative a specialty or practice when compared to just simply limiting one´s participation to design and supervision. So why does RGC&A opt not to do the construction of its projects as well? Many clients often cannot believe why we choose not to engage in any construction work.

The following should serve as a standard answer—also good for the appreciation of our option.

RGC&A does not claim any uniqueness in its professional practice. Our system is the standard for almost all larger projects and the norm among the more informed clients. RGC&A was probably the first outfit in Baguio to specialize in design, sans construction. We remain probably the only firm in the locality that strictly does not engage in any construction work.

Perhaps due to financial constraints, the most prevalent mode of practice among almost all other firms is the design-build option. Where the firms concerned are the designers and also the builders of their projects. As a consequence, these groups usually become contracting outfits and firms which… "also design".

Since our realization and actualization (in the mid-80's) of the inherent conflict of interest in wearing the two caps bearing the labels "designer" and "builder", we have made the critical choice to concentrate in design and opt not to do any contracting work. This is not just an office policy but has been our long-standing office rule. Whilst the debacle on the matter continues its rue in the midst of the professional circle, we have manifested time and again our belief that our clients' interest is second to none. The choice should be simple enough, and to this end we continue to adhere—no contracting work for us!

Think about this… Considering the trilogy involved in the delivery of a project, why would an Owner who has been appropriately advised, give up the inherent check-and-balance that occurs in having the standard participants in a construction project? Composed of the Owner, the Designer and the Builder, it would seem unfathomable why an Owner would want to give up the protection that an independent Designer and technical consultant would give him and opt to vesting the functions of Designer and Builder into just one party.

Consider further… Usually not being a technical man, how will an Owner—short of opting on resigned trust upon his Designer-Builder (being one party)—objectively assess a project´s implementation? Will he not be better-served having at his side an independent designer and adviser, who will protect his interests and remain objective as the project is implemented by a Builder who has been chosen based on the merit of being the most advantageous proposal obtained with the help of said designer?

RGC&A takes pride in its "sans contracting" policy and now asks you: would you rather choose a design specialist? Or will you take a chance on a firm that is a construction company that "also designs?" The choice should be fairly simple to anyone who has been properly advised.

The RGC&A firm logo is a representation of the principal architect's initials. 

It is also actually the TANGRAM, a Chinese puzzle over a millennium old. The tangram resembles the Western jigsaw puzzle, but differs from the same in always having seven pieces, which are fitted together in different ways to make an almost infinite number of different shapes.

The objective of each puzzle is to form a specific shape (given only an outline or silhouette) using seven pieces, which may not overlap. These may be geometrical—such as a triangle, trapezium, rectangle or parallelogram...

Or representational—human figures running, sitting,flying, playing, dancing...

fish swimming, cats lying down, bridges, shops, houses, etc.

Do find time to appreciate the ancient art of the TANGRAM for yourself. The links below should prove to be good educational sites which you can visit.
| tangram-channel | wikipedia site-tangram |

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