GENERAL. We believe that each of our RGC&A personnel must understand what the firm stands for. These ideas represent the collective thoughts of our principal, associates and team members. 

BUSINESS. RGC&A is a professional services firm focusing on architectural and engineering design as its core business, while expanding into related allied services. 

FIRM ETHICS. We must be profitable, but we desire to make a profit by undertaking projects that are challenging and which contribute to the safety, health, and well-being of the public. The quality and integrity of our work is of overriding importance to us. We strive for technical excellence and innovative solutions.

Our clients are critical to our success, and our aim is for clients to receive full value for our services. We strive to be a good professional outfit in the communities where we work. 

PERSONNEL PHILOSOPHY. We strive to recruit, develop, and retain outstanding people in our profession. We provide them with challenging assignments, a stable environment, and career opportunities, and we reward them with financial incentives as appropriate. We endeavor to maximize the strengths of our personnel so that each is productive to the optimum extent of his or her abilities.  

MANAGEMENT PHILOSOPHY. Our management philosophy is based on participative decision-making and is supported by open, frequent, and non-hierarchical communications on all aspects of the firm's and the individual's performance. 

We encourage informed decision-making at all levels in the organization,and we support individual market development initiatives and research interests at any level, provided that these are aimed at improving the firm's long-term competitive position in markets we have identified as being of interest. 

We promote leadership among our team and we grant authority and responsibility to individuals and teams of individuals to achieve the goals of the firm.