This page is our response to the public clamor towards having an open space as the GREEN front area, instead of the concession-commercial spaces proposed earlier...

Check out our-- GREEN PARK PROJECT.

Our revised proposal for the GREEN front area is to have an open park-field, designed to encourage the congregation of park visitors-- in this choice portion of the park. More importantly, the area will be responsive to the essence of the Central Axis that the city's early creator (Arch. Daniel Burnham) made as the core facet of Baguio's urban plan. The line starts from the center axis of the Baguio City Hall, continues into the Burnham Lake, unto the Skating Rink, and now finds new meaning as the front axis of our proposed project. This revised Green Park Project is visualized such that when one stands at its middle entrance (and looks towards the Baguio City Hall), one will readily appreciate the symmetry of the erstwhile Burnham Central Axis.

The proposal features an open (flat, semi-circular) amphitheatre with a performing stage where cultural performances and concerts can be presented. Serving as a giant backdrop for the amphitheatre is a giant Vertical Garden, planted with real-live plants which has the likeness of Ifugao Rice Terraces proudly emblazoned on it; intended to achieve a restful ambiance for the area. Said plants on the vertical garden have a total area of about 1,230 square meters, estimated to carry more than 30,000 plants; which can produce enough oxygen for eight people every 24 hours.

The stage is punctuated by a giant fiberglass sculpture of a native-Cordillera fertility emblem, symbolic of the creation of man. The same is also intended to wish women park visitors towards fertility; where childless couples can visit and wish for being blessed with a child by our local anitos. Foreign visitors will probably see the emblem as a horseshoe-- a symbol of good luck and a protective talisman.

The overhead pergola system which follows the shape of the amphitheatre, mimics the native-Cordillera basket-weave which can be found in the local "kayabang" (Ifugao basket) or "agawen" (snail gathering basket). It likewise serves as protection from the sun's rays, when the continuous pergola elements serve as sun baffles during critical moments of a sunny day.

The parking facilities we propose are located at the rear of our edifice, where the motor vehicles will be totally hidden from view while within the park. Parking capacity stands at 850 car stalls plus parking for at least 150 motorcycles.

The core concept behind all this initiative is towards the TOTAL PEDESTRIANIZATION OF BURNHAM PARK- and the total ban of cars from the within the park premises. Our parking facilities will be available through the vehicular ingress-egress along Harrison Road. The alternate vehicular access/exit will then just serve as a service and emergency portal to the building.

Put most simply, our Main Criterion on this proposal is the TOTAL PEDESTRIANIZATION OF BURNHAM PARK, turning the whole park premises into a walkable zone; and finally returning the park to pedestrians-- free from the clutches of fuel-burning vehicles.

Location : Former City Auditorium Site, Burnham Park, Baguio City, Philippines
Owner : City of Baguio
Floor Area : 29,360 square meters

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