New Media Services Building

This office building will be a landmark for contemporary design and green architecture. Located at the Baguio Export Processing Zone, the proposed building will use solar power to generate electrical energy. An ode to its idyllic environment. The curtain glass walls will allow a scenic view of the surrounding areas. Protective membrane shutters will be integrated as solar protection from harsh rays of the sun during critical times of the day.

The helicoidal staircase is a special feature that mimics the company's logo and integrates a meeting pod on every building level. This building will be a place where young professionals will choose to go to work because they can enjoy being in environs which are conducive to work.

Individually controlled lights, which can be brightened and dimmed by any user within the building via a mobile phone app, will be deployed and mark the system’s debut in the Philippines. Switchglass, which can turn from opaque to clear, and vice-versa at the flick of an electrical switch; will also be used in selected portions of the building.

Because of the many green and avant-garde technologies used, this project will soon claim the prestige as “the most modern office building in Baguio.”

Location : PEZA, Baguio City, Philippines
Owner : New Media Services Inc.
Enclosed Floor Area : 1,865 square meters

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