RGC&A covers a whole range of architectural, engineering and planning specialties.  

Our experts deliver professional services deploying appropriate BIM (Building Information Modeling) Technologies and CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Facilities.  

RGC&A guarantees authoritative designs and expeditious output delivery.

Pre-Design Services

To determine the viability of a project such as its cost of development versus its potential return to the Owner. A detailed cost-benefit analysis can guide the client and the Architect in selecting a more viable alternative plan.

We can assist in the determination of requirements of lending agencies, income-expense relationship and relative demand for different building types in actual financing negotiations.

Investigating, identifying and documenting the needs of the client for use in the design of the project.

We can assist in locating sites for the proposed project and evaluating their adequacy with regards to topography, sub-surface conditions, utilities, development costs, micro-climate, population, legal considerations and other factors.

Regular Design Services

Consultation with Owner to ascertain project requirements. Preparation of studies leading to a recommended solution including a general description of the project. Submission of a probable construction cost.

From approved Schematic Design, preparation of further drawings and outline specifications to fix and illustrate the size and character of the entire project. Submission of a further probable construction cost.

From approved Design Development, preparation of the project’s complete Working Drawings and Specifications, setting forth in detail the work required for architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire-protection works.

Prepare Project Manual, which includes forms for contract letting, documents for construction, forms for invitation and instruction to bidders, and forms for bidders’ proposals. Assist the Owner in prequalification of potential bidders, obtaining proposals, preparation of analysis of bids, awarding and preparation if construction contracts.

Make periodic visits to the project site to monitor the general progress and quality of work. When required in contract, make decisions on all matters relating to the execution and progress of work.

Extended Design Services

Interior design defines the volume within the building's architectural shell, creating useful space and ambiance. It addresses in detail the functional elements of the building's internal requirements. Interior design is an integral part of any built in form, and as such, it is intrinsic to, and closes the design circle.

Prepare grounds and planting layout, specifying schedule of shrubs, trees and other plants; details of other landscaping elements.

Preparation of designs to assure efficiently-planned subdivisions, commercial centers, sports complexes, resorts, educational campuses, and other enclaves. This may vary in size ranging from intimate or private estates to whole cities of substantial scope.

Outsourcing Options

Preparation of various technical drawings to assure the full and detailed depiction of a project. Our expertise covers the whole range of architectural, structural and other branches of works.

Conversion from paper-analog drawings into computer-electronic drawings.

Submission of architectural computer graphics for interiors and exteriors; including walkthroughs and fly-throughs.

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